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 Dixie......Shorty X Ryder pic at 1 1/2 yrs old

Shazaam (zena sis)...Fergy X Psycho pic taken at 1yr


Austin...Fergy X Ryder pic taken at 9mths

 Shorty and Ryder male at 6 mths

Zady and Ryder female taken at 10 months

Oreo lives in Ny with the Durland family Chewy X Ryder

Midget a Chewy and Ryder daughter @ Ohio

Dielsel ryder male pup


8wk old ryder duaghter.....awesome pup

Ryder son

Ryder daughters....and a Shih Tzu..


BabyGrl a Ryder duaghter


Barack a Ryder son

Deisel taken at 14mths

Gotti taken at 4months (ryder son)

Cali a Pocket Daughter of ryder


Ryder Duaghter

Ryder Daughter


Ryder and Chewy Son


Bella a Ryder Daughter owed by TPK




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